Patient engagement solutions

With blueBriX, launch meaningful patient engagement solutions that cater to specific needs.


At blueBriX, we acknowledge the challenges associated with adhering to complex treatment protocols. That’s why we’ve developed a versatile and personalized adherence module that can adapt to diverse treatment regimes, fostering optimal and consistent engagement in their treatment.


Recognizing diverse needs in patient education throughout their journey, our personalized educational module delivers the appropriate material at crucial times. Patients can fine-tune their contextual interests as they advance through their treatment path.

Remote patient monitoring (RPM)

The demand for home-based patient care is growing. The blueBriX RPM module offers vital features, such as questionnaire forms for assessing patient quality of life and symptoms. It also seamlessly connects with devices to collect patient vitals, symptoms, and adherence data.


Actionable insights for HCPs

blueBriX empowers healthcare professionals to make informed clinical decisions, by seamlessly integrating into their workflows and providing them with actionable, real-world data captured directly from patients’ homes.

Single window for patient management

HCPs can effortlessly manage all their patients in one window, ensuring they have all the necessary data at hand to make informed clinical decisions.

Insights Dashboard for HCP (Vitals, ePROs)

HCP can make informed clinical decisions backed by valuable real world patient data.


HCPs can tailor their interventions based on data insights to provide personalized care for each patient.

Start small, then scale iteratively to
reach product-market-fit

Don’t let complex tech problems hold you back. Start small and tackle your most critical challenge with blueBriX. Our platform scales effortlessly across countries and therapeutic areas, giving you the flexibility and confidence to address any need requirement within your pharma portfolio.

Create Big Change Without a Big Bang

The big bang approach has often contributed to major failures in software implementation projects. With blueBriX, you can start small, focusing on a specific use case. This allows you to demonstrate the value of your concept and seamlessly expand your feature set and global deployment as you gain more insights into user needs.

Big bang
Seamlessly integrate with existing systems

Recognizing the potential disruption and costs associated with change, particularly when dealing with an existing legacy system, we offer diverse implementation strategies. Choose between a complete rollout of our end-to-end digital health platform or integrate specific key modules into your current system, so that you can enhance your existing

Big bang
Language Translation and Medical Legal Review (MLR)

Launching a global digital health solution can lead to significant overhead in translating application screens and content, along with challenges in the MLR approval process. At blueBriX, we’ve developed a module to assist you in this process, simplifying the tracking, modification, and comparison of text translations with the original MLR-approved text.

Big bang

Regulated and compliant

In the ever-evolving world of healthcare, compliance is key. With blueBriX, you can deliver innovative solutions while adhering to regulatory guidelines.