The inspiration

In 1989 I had co-founded a hospital management software(HMS) company in India. When I came to the US the cost of digital health software shocked me. Someone had to do something, and we decided that we were that someone. So we decided to write open-source software for OpenEMR. We soon became consultants to organizations needing unique and different permutations of digital health that were not being met by standard solutions. However we found that open source solutions still needed infrastructure, upgrade, development, maintenance and other support. And owning the IP in open source was difficult.

The inspiration
The outcome

The outcome

It became clear to us that a cloud-based low code no code digital health application development tool was the need of the hour. Such an application would lower the cost, allow and focus innovation, while we took care of the house keeping and maintenance. That idea became blueBriX, the building blocks for digital health. However blueBriX is just the tool. We also needed to educate and inspire the creators of digital health. That became the "Ideas Worth Pitching" series. And our entire organization is alway there to support such innovators.

Our Story

  • 2008 - Consulting

    We start contributing to open source and consulting for open source digital health applications.

  • 2011 - ZH OpenEMR

    Our own enhanced version of the open source application was release which included advanced billing features.

  • 2012 - MyDocsPortal

    We envisioned the first standalone patient portal that could connect to any EHR system through APIs.

  • 2013 - bluebriX

    The first version of a proprietary digital health platform called blueEHS ( Electronic Health Solution.) blueEHS was renamed HITaaS (Health IT as a service) and then to blueBriX in 2022.

  • 2014 - blueEHR

    We built out an enterprise scale low-code no-code EHR platform using blueBriX, that covers Acute care, Ambulatory Care, BH, HMS and more.

Where we stand today

Building our business was a learning process. We tried things, learned from mistakes, and have now built one of the most innovative and advanced digital health platforms in the world. We have learned that clients want digital health to work the way they do – so we built it that way, and then allowed our clients around the world to customize it and make it right.

36+ Modules
100+ Countries
200+ Employees