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The ZH Patient Portal gives Patients the Advantage!

The ZH Patient Portal gives Patients the Advantage!
22 April 2014

ZH OpenEMR Patient Portal is the dynamic engine that is rapidly changing and enhancing the patient-physician connection.  With most patients becoming more and more fluent with personal computers and being online, the conversion into Patient Portal has been one of ease and convenience. Patients have felt empowered with the ability to realize more involvement in their own health care and are accepting of the transformation into a more modernized approach.

Through the ZH OpenEMR Patient Portal, prescription refills, desired appointment times, and the names of referrals are all available to the patient upon their online inquiry. Automated notices reminding patients of methods for prevention against a disease and regular checkups is another valuable feature.

The systematized and conducive ZH OpenEMR Patient Portal promotes the alignment and economy of information, beginning with the patient’s medical records, which are electronically modified from their original physical paper and ink composition. Patient-relevant medical professionals and organizations can view electronic records at any time, and from any location, while the records remain secure and HIPAA compliant. The instant advantage is made evident through protected and concise information readily accessible to individuals involved with the patient’s medical care.

ZH OpenEMR Patient Portal compiles basic and crucial information such as the patient’s address, insurance specifications, record of immunizations, diagnoses, prescriptions and known allergies.  New and current information no longer need be completed by hand on redundant paperwork, because the ZH OpenEMR managed patient information can now be readily updated by the patient. Should the need arise for a patient to be referred to a specialist, the information may be forwarded electronically to that practice, saving precious consultation time that was once spent over physical records, familiarizing. Specialist’s findings are in turn conveyed back to the referring physician for consideration.

The ZH OpenEMR system provides a welcomed advance in the health care industry, putting the information into the hands of professionals and recipients alike, to the unquestionable benefit of patients worldwide.