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Are we ready for data-driven ‪healthcare?

Are we ready for data-driven ‪healthcare?
12 March 2016

In the world of big data and analytics it is important that every sector gets a sip of ‘being data-driven’. The global market is looking for space which will increase their reach and reduce pressure in utilizing resources in a cost efficient way. The health industry is under pressure to reduce costs but at the same time to provide an improved patient care. As most trends in this century rely on data, each day gives you an entirely new digital experience. Analysis of digital data has improved the fields of research and predictive analysis. The increased use and availability of internet drives the potential of any sector, including the medical sector.

There is no doubt if the medical sector must be data-driven to meet the needs of the future. Although the healthcare sector is the most sensitive sector which forces anybody to compromise on money, it has not grown fully fledged compared to others. It’s time that the medical sector finds a universal platform to connect the physicians and the people. This will be possible only through ‘data-driven healthcare ’. The main advantage is the segmentation of complex data to an organized format which can be used by physicians across the world.

The healthcare analytics technology uses data for an overall analysis in the field of medicine. Even the developing nations have emerged towards utilizing medical technologies to improve their medical care. A drastic improvement in the life style of the people being more health conscious has led to opportunities for data-driven healthcare. People wish to have a short hospital stay, easy meetings with doctors, safe patient data and a high-quality treatment. Additionally, benefits are needed on quick data exchange, error-free information transmission and cost efficiency. As needs have become more with the transformation of customers to a digital customer, it is important that information can also be more digitized and hence more standardized. Data application has promising scope of improving the patient-doctor bond through use of EHR (Electronic Health Records) and patient portal. More cloud based technologies have been developed with an improved concern towards safety and security.

To thrive in this technologically strong world, it is largely important that healthcare organizations must become data driven. This move will help the sector attain a sustainable growth with a motive to analyze large amount of data for making an outcome based decision making. The organizations must properly understand the existing demands and work towards bringing up more data-driven healthcare predictive models to focus more on improving healthcare standards. The application of data analytics will have a great role in improving the health service as a whole along with providing services on a long term basis.

When there is enough resources and knowledge in the country why not utilize them effectively to deliver clinical and financial benefits so as to meet medical challenges. It is important to drive responsibility for the health organizations to improve the outcomes using health systems, bringing clinical and financial data together to analyze the overall productivity. Data driven organizations can apply clinical analytics to gain more effective insights so that changes can be easily put into action.

Data-driven technologies will always be the ones that will be sought for in the coming generations. It is important that the stepping stone has to be laid earlier than doing it once competition begins. It is important to note that that a ‘smart’ healthcare sector with an improved quality will replace the conventional methods undoubtedly. HITaaS will put in place the unorganized healthcare sector and will allow a smooth flow of medical data connecting the people around the world.



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