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Cloud Security and Data Protection in Healthcare

Cloud Security and Data Protection in Healthcare
13 January 2016

In February 2015, around 80 million people were affected by healthcare data breach at Health insurer Anthem. In January same year 11 million patient data was compromised at the Premera BlueCross BlueShield. Recently more than 10 million protected patient record was illegally accessed at Excellus BlueCross Blue Shield.

In the first half of 2015, a report from Gemalto indicated that it is no surprise that security breaches are frequently happening in the healthcare industry. Their Healthcare Data Breach info-graphic shows out of the total Healthcare data breach 34% was reported in healthcare while 31% government files were breached, followed by 15% Healthcare data breach taking place in technology firm records. What is the reason for the healthcare industry being the main target? The answer partially is money. A report from Security Week notes that hackers and thieves make $363 on an average per medical file. Here is why physician practices, medical providers and enterprises should use cloud based security to ensure safety of patient data.

1. Low Cost – Cloud based data storage offers more security and it is less expensive than trying to protect data in your office with motion activated cameras and armed security guards.

2. More ProtectionCloud based companies work in association with global web security firms to give multiple layer of protection to your data.

3. Greater Vigilance – Cloud based security offers immediate and continuous threat detection which works round the clock. This is not an option seen in most medical practices because they have to employ staff and resources to ensure 24/7 security.

While opting for cloud based security, EHR vendors give healthcare providers the best security measures available in the industry without any initial investment. It is better used cloud based security resources while giving patient care to avoid data breach.