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Why EHR Training is Crucial for Success

Why EHR Training is Crucial for Success
05 September 2016

Training is crucial for almost everything. For instance, would you run a marathon without months of training? Would you walk into a CrossFit gym for the first time and try to do an overhead squat without first working on building your mobility and learning strict form? Well, you might, but that would be a terrible idea and lead to injury. 

That’s a pretty bad outcome and it comes from something as simple as working out. What if you weren’t properly trained for something more serious? 

Transitioning to a new EHR system is more than simply swapping hardware or adding computers to exam rooms; it changes the way you do healthcare. But despite the importance of a thoughtfully designed implementation process being acknowledged, end-user training is often under-emphasized. From small, single-provider practices, to large organizations; end-user training for EHR systems is essential to support efficiency, best practices and most importantly, patient safety.

EHR Training Starts with Dedication

There are countless ways an EHR training program affects overall implementation. But one key advantage of carefully planned training is the opportunity to foster buy-in and commitment from administrators, providers and staff. Providing examples and evidence of similar practice’s success stories, or improved patient outcomes following computerized provider order entry (CPOE) implementations, can be great ways to encourage dedication to the implementation of a new electronic health records system. Using training as an opportunity to revisit “big picture” goals and fostering team building throughout the process can help maintain enthusiasm and minimize frustration, as individuals are charged with learning a great deal of information in what can sometimes feel like a very short period of time.
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The Consequences of Ineffective Training

EHR Training program
                   EHR Training Will Help You be Successful

As mentioned at the start, not being prepared for tasks can lead to negative outcomes. In this case, insufficient end-user training, along with poorly focused and ineffective EHR implementation, can (and does) lead to negative consequences in medical practices. These consequences can range from loss of efficiency, to medical errors, to data being put in jeopardy and affecting both the practice itself and its patients. Loss of productivity, morale and job satisfaction can also result from inadequate training. It can also affect a practice’s bottom line as well. 

Following the purchase of an EHR system, providers rightfully expect an increase in ROI through benefits, such as fewer billing and coding errors, more efficiency and more productivity. These benefits are at risk in the event of ineffective training, serving as the culprit for the grievance that an EHR system is somehow not working the way it should.

The Benefits of Quality Training

Conor McGregor, the most famous fighter in the world, didn’t start out as a great fighter. Cristiano Ronaldo, the most famous futbol player in the world, didn’t start out as a great player. Same goes for Tom Brady with football, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson with pro wrestling, Lebron James with basketball and so on. To be where they are, they spent hours and hours training. More importantly, they had quality training.

In the same way, even the best EHR system in the world won’t function properly in the absence of well-trained users. As electronic health records systems continue to proliferate in the healthcare industry, the benefits of developing confident providers through an effective training period are becoming more and more evident. In fact, the importance of end-user training for EHRs has led to the rise of increased related coursework in medical schools and other healthcare provider training programs. Benefits of effective EHR training programs include increased charting and coding accuracy, along with improved productivity and efficiency that benefits both providers and their patients. The practice also benefits from a solid return on its initial investment for years to come.

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